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ah, so you've found your way to my tiny little playground! i haven't had many guests here for a long time, so you might just be one of the first ones. you're probably thinking, oh, what's this little website here - or maybe not, it's not as flashy as i'd like it to be.

well, i guess there's no point in hiding it. this is some sort of a time machine, meant to be broken open many years in the future (and be visited regularly until then). it's basically an amassment of every media that i loved when i was teenager. below you'll find a small taste of everything i was interested in when i was 16 and 17 years old.

still, even if this is made for personal purposes, don't think i've forgotten about you (how could i? i love all my readers very much). your entertainment is my first and foremost thought. if it wasn't, well... i wouldn't be writing this, would i... ♥


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